Dances We Teach

International Slow Waltz – is a progressive dance characterized by pendulum swing movement and continuous rise. The dance contains a lot of contra body movement and sway. Slow steps and elegant poses with a relatevly slow music tempo.

International Tango – is a sharp and fast pace dance characterized by staccato action. There is no rise and fall used in this dance. The passion and musical contrast giving to this dance a lot of character.

International Viennese Waltz – is a rotary dance where the dances constantly turn around the room and change between natural (right) and reverse (left) turns. This is a swinging dance with a fast tempo.

International Slow Foxtrot – is a swinging and continuous slow-tempo dance. The character of the foxtrot is long, smooth, and gliding steps. The dancers require a lot of control and balance to be able to show slow and effortless smooth motion.

International Quickstep – is a fast-paced energetic dance. The movement of the dance is fast and powerfully flowing and sprinkled with syncopations. The dance contains varieties of hops, runs, and quick steps with much momentum and rotation.